Leader Corporation | Variable Gaging

Leader Corporation can manufacture custom air gaging fixtures

Air Gaging

Air Gaging is a highly accurate method of checking tight tolerance features. Air Gaging can be used to check bores or shafts, where accuracy and repeatability are critical.

Leader Corporation can manufacture custom electronic gages

Electronic Gages

Electronic Gages provide instant and easy to read feedback on critical sizes. Electronic Gages can be indicator, column, or computer style. All have the ability to output data for SPC analysis.

Leader Corporation manufatures Custom Thread Gage Systems

Thread Gage Systems

Threaded fasteners are common for millions of different uses and vary in precision, depending on the application. All fasteners, such as screws, bolts, threaded components, etc., need to be measured. The Leader Corporation Thread Gaging Systems offer a fast and accurate way to control thread quality in a way that other methods cannot. Our systems are not simple, go/no-go gages. They will show the variations in dimensions to indicate exactly where the thread is within the allowable tolerance.