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Leader Coproration offer motorized power driving gage instruments

Leader Wireless Digi-Speed Motorized Thread and Depth Gage

Leader Digi-Speed

The Leader Wireless Digi-Speed thread gage accurately measures thread form and depth while increasing productivity and reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries cause by traditional thread gages. The ergonomic design of the Digi-Speed allows for one handed operation. The Digi-Speed uses standard thread plug gages that can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of traditional thread plug gages. Measurements can be sent to a PC or data collector with a single button press.


Innovative Power-Driven Gaging Instruments That Are Easy To Use!

User friendly and ergonomically designed, the POWER DRIVEN THREAD SYSTEM inspects parts for size and depth faster and safer for the operator than a standard un-powered hand driven thread gage. The compact size of this thread system allows for maximum portability. High performance Lithium Ion rechargeable quick change batteries used with the low voltage Charging Station make it easy and time efficient to replace exhausted batteries. Available in two styles for checking thread ranges from (M1.6-M39.0) Millimeters, (#0-1.500) Inches.

Size 1: Lightweight use M1.6-M8.0 – #0-5/16”

Size 2: Universal Style M4.0-M39.0 – #8-1.500”

Power Driven Clutches and Gages

We offer various clutches to fit ANSI/ISO Tapers, Heavy use Anodized Blue. Your existing thread members can be used with our clutches or request our specially designed power thread gage members.

Leader Coproration offer Setting Masters and Stacker Plates