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Functional and Variable Fixture Gages

An attribute or Functional Fixture gage checks the proper fit or clearance between two or more features. Functional gaging provides a Go/NoGo level of measurement, however it does not have the capability of determining the exact variance from the nominal dimension of a given feature. But in most cases this is cost effective method and a very quick and accurate checking gage that will assist the machine operator in providing good or bad part conditions according to customer specifications.

A Variable Fixture Gage, is a more complex checking gage fixture that has the same features as Functional Fixture excepts the gaging provides more detailed readings, either thru the use of Dial or Electronic Indicators. In some applications the ability to capture and store the data is required. Leader Corporation can supply a complete turn key system based on your specific needs.

Our Design team will assist you in Design concepts and Build cost to fit the application and budget that each project requires..